About Us

Once upon a time, a yogi and a tech geek… :p

Brian-Logan joined Emilie while she taught classes at Kripalu out in the Berkshires, Mass.

The courtship started as most of them do these days, on the internet. Brian-Logan and Emilie found each other on Match.com. After exchanging a few messages, they spoke on the phone. After a long first conversation, Emilie tried to get off the phone saying that she needed to go to bed. Brian-Logan replied with, “Do you want me to read you to sleep?”

An odd proposal, Emilie thought, but she liked the idea. And so began the first of many evenings where Brian-Logan would call, the two would talk for a while, and then he would read from a book until Emilie fell asleep. No longer responsive, Brian-Logan would say good night and hang up the phone.

The two finally met on a warm day. Brian-Logan prepared a basket with a blanket and a frisbee and the two headed to Boston Common. Emilie still remembers feeling, “We’re going to be friends for a long time.”

Fast forward about 5 years…

Emilie is building out a new yoga studio location, in addition to running the business, which is in its 5th year. Lucky for Emilie, she’s marrying an in-house business strategy consultant! Brian-Logan is passionate about helping small businesses showcase their ideas and products to more people and amplify their success. Together, they’re helping to make an impact in their community through business, service, and laughter.

Switzerland | May 2019

Brian-Logan and Emilie love playing tennis together at Victory Park in Medford, as well as taking their dog Naama on hikes in the Middlesex Fells Reservation a few blocks from their home. They often cook together. Emilie loves to be creative and Brian-Logan is gaining confidence in the kitchen, thanks in part to his favorite Hello Fresh recipes. On a typical evening, Brian-Logan often watches documentaries on life on Mars or mind-bending Netflix shows, while Emilie falls asleep on the couch.